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About Jambé

Jambé is an advanced percussion instrument that combines a sophisticated hardware controller with an incredibly powerful iOS-based sound engine architecture, dubbed Sample Powered Matrix synthesis, or SPX.  Jambé was designed with the idea that a single hand or stick strike on a pad maps to an incredibly powerful individual voice, each with advanced expression and sound design features, including:

  • Expanded Gestural Interpretation – normal percussive strike detection and MPE (Multi-touch Polyphonic Expression) style performance techniques, with sounds triggered or modified while a pad is held.
  • Extensive Synthesis Tools – 2 LFOs, 3 envelopes, 2 tracking generators, and 2 ring modulators per voice.  Over 30 modulation sources and over 40 modulation destinations.
  • Natural Sonic Variations – 3 sample lists per voice with up to 8 samples per list.
  • Sample List Modes – sequentially trigger the samples in a list, allowing stroke variations or sequential patterns.  Crossfade between samples using a modulation matrix and trigger samples simultaneously for chords.
  • Gestural Crossfade Between Sample Lists – creates effects like a closed slap or dead stroke without tying up multiple pads for an open and closed slap.
  • Massive Polyphony – with the ability to use number of voices playing as a modifier for more natural sound layering.
  • Unique Features – use the number of voices sounding as a modulation parameter.  Enables sculpting the sound as more voices play. Perfect for adding special character to rolls, etc.

Like today’s musicians, Jambé lives in a connected world.  Need a new sound for a last-minute gig? 
Quickly download one from your Email, cloud drive, or social media post.
Playing with your hands or sticks?  Sure, Jambé supports both.

Jambé is designed and hand-built in California. 

Go to the JAMBÉ on-line store to place your order.

Any questions, find us on social media (Facebook), or send us an email.

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