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Jambé Now Shipping

Jambé is now officially in open Beta development with Apple, which means we can ship products and you can start making music with Jambé right away.  Why an open Beta? The short answer is that we’re still refining the software and adding new features. The open Beta process allows us to continue to innovate and […]

Jambé at NAMM 2017

We are finally recovering from the 2017 NAMM Show, where we entertained a lot of musicians and introduced them to Jambé.  We’re cutting together some multimedia of the event, but that does take some time to complete.  Here are a couple quick video clips from the show that feature Jambé.  Enjoy!!! Some Jambé playing on […]

Jambé status

Thanks to everyone that dropped by the Jambé booth at the NAMM2017 show. We expect to start transitioning our pre-orders into full orders in March, with shipment commencing immediately after that. We are excited that Jambé has become so popular. If you’re looking to pre-order Jambé, go to the top of the web page and […]

Jambé at NAMM 2017 Anaheim, Jan 19-22, Hall-E #1078

Yes, it’s that time again, where everyone in the music business packs up and heads to Anaheim, California, for the annual NAMM Show.  This year we have our own booth to show off Jambé, and to celebrate the beginning of product ship.  The Jambé hardware has already completed it’s first production run, and we have […]

BBoy Tech Report Loves Jambé

A big thank you to Corry Banks from BBoy Tech Report. Corry had a chance to play the Jambé at the NAMM 2016 show, and really liked the instrument. Nice to have a talented musician give us a thorough review and come up smiling. Thanks again, Corry! http://www.bboytechreport.com/2016/10/06/11035/

Jambé in Japan

We took Jambé to the Pit Inn in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan for an introductory demo.  Jambé was setup stand-alone and also as part of a drum kit, so drummers could see and feel how it performs.  It was a fun and exciting evening with a lot of good times.  Here is a short video of […]

Jambé Tech Support Forum

We have started up a tech support forum where people can ask Jambé questions and search for answers.  Our tech support people will be monitoring the forum and answering all your questions.  Go take a look…. forum.getjambe.com  

Jambé & Daniel Berkman NAMM 2016

Here’s a video of Daniel Berkman on a Jambé at the NAMM Show 2016.  Jambé uses our new proprietary audio engine (SPX) to expand the sound possibilities beyond any other instrument.

Jambé at NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016 started off with a press media event, where Jambé was ready to play.  Musicians and journalists tried their hands at Jambé with our new SPX sound engine, and walked away with enormous smiles!  Everyone was excited to get their hands on a Jambé.  If you’re around the NAMM 2016 show, drop by the […]

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Happy New Year – See you at NAMM 2016

We’re really excited by the evolving Jambé software and hope to get you all a preview very soon.  New software, new sounds, and a New Year!  2016 is going to be a great year. Come visit us at NAMM 2016 – January 21-24, Anaheim, California We’ll be in booth 1088 at the 2016 NAMM show, […]