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Jambé in Japan

We took Jambé to the Pit Inn in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan for an introductory demo.  Jambé was setup stand-alone and also as part of a drum kit, so drummers could see and feel how it performs.  It was a fun and exciting evening with a lot of good times.  Here is a short video of […]

Jambé Tech Support Forum

We have started up a tech support forum where people can ask Jambé questions and search for answers.  Our tech support people will be monitoring the forum and answering all your questions.  Go take a look…. forum.getjambe.com  

Jambé & Daniel Berkman NAMM 2016

Here’s a video of Daniel Berkman on a Jambé at the NAMM Show 2016.  Jambé uses our new proprietary audio engine (SPX) to expand the sound possibilities beyond any other instrument.

Jambé at NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016 started off with a press media event, where Jambé was ready to play.  Musicians and journalists tried their hands at Jambé with our new SPX sound engine, and walked away with enormous smiles!  Everyone was excited to get their hands on a Jambé.  If you’re around the NAMM 2016 show, drop by the […]

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Happy New Year – See you at NAMM 2016

We’re really excited by the evolving Jambé software and hope to get you all a preview very soon.  New software, new sounds, and a New Year!  2016 is going to be a great year. Come visit us at NAMM 2016 – January 21-24, Anaheim, California We’ll be in booth 1088 at the 2016 NAMM show, […]

Getting Jambé ready

Spring and Summer 2015 has seen our development team busy with getting Jambé ready for our first production run.  The first item we needed to sort out was what color of wood to make for the first run.  Internally, the Jambé staff is evenly split between the light wood and the dark wood shells.  We […]

Some Jambé questions answered

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the Jambé over the past several months.  The biggest question that people have is what exactly is the Jambé and how does it compare to other electronic drums. Jambé is an electronic drum in a thin drum sized shell.  That means Jambé fits onto standard drum stands and fits into standard […]

Kids and Jambé

Here is a new Jambé video with Nicole K. and her mom, chatting about how it’s an “awesome” musical instrument:   And don’t forget, we have A LOT more vidoes on our YouTube channel !!!  CLICK HERE  

What it’s like to play Jambé

Jambé is very easy to use and play.  Here is a picture of Nicole K. jamming with Daniel Berkman.  This was after only 10 minutes of playing the Jambé, with NO instructions and NO guidance.  We just let her explore the instrument, and the results were amazing. This definitely shows the ease of use that […]

Jazzy Jambé Video

Strictly Albert and Elton Bradman go full tilt Jazz with a pair of Jambés.  Watch this amazing video, created on their first evening seeing and playing Jambés.  If they can do this on their first night, imagine what happens after a few weeks !!