What is Jambé

A New Electronic Percussion Instrument with Unlimited Versatility

Drum Play

Jambé can be played with sticks or hands to match your own style

iPad & iPhone

Use your personal devices to play and edit sounds, instruments, and kits


Custom sound engine and unlimited configurations of effects, samples, and modulations

About Jambé

Jambé is an advanced instrument that combines sophisticated percussion hardware
with an incredibly powerful iOS-based sound engine and editing application

Jambé In Play

Jambé Pair

Stricly Albert and Elton Bradman having a great dual-Jambé session, which we recorded for some of our demo videos. Watching these professionals switch between various instruments and going from hands to sticks and back again was mesmerizing.

Dual Play

Resident Jambé musician Daniel Berkman is here working two Jambés and a Boss looper. The results are outstanding, and you can see some of them in our Videos section. The way Daniel seamlessly switches between instruments while controlling the looper has powerful results.

Hit Your Synthesizer

Here is electronic musician Mark Lentczner using Jambé in a live performance. Jambé fits easily into a digital audio workflow, for either live or studio use.

Part of your kit

Looks like a normal drum kit, except right there at the snare location sits a Jambé. Drummer Jim Armstrong adds a Jambé to expand the sounds of his regular drum kit, giving him unlimited instruments where just one used to sit.

Jambé in the house

Yes, Jambé fits perfectly in a drum kit setup, and gives you a whole range of sounds, right in front of you!

No Stand Required

That's right, Jambé is a fantastic hand held instrument, giving you outstanding play versatility. Play in your lap, on your arm, on your chest...you choose how you want to jam.

What Jambé Players Are Saying

Karen K.

Karen K.

Jambé lets me create my own musical universe

Albert M.

Albert M.

Looks and feels like a drum. Plays like a spaceship!

Jim S.

Jim S.

It really is a new instrument for a new generation

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A Trade Show, Finally!!!

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Version 1.0 Released !!

  Big news….the Jambé app is now officially at version 1.0 and released into the Apple App store! It took years of development, but the final results are truly worth the wait. Search the iOS Read more…