Jambé is very easy to use and play.  Here is a picture of Nicole K. jamming with Daniel Berkman.  This was after only 10 minutes of playing the Jambé, with NO instructions and NO guidance.  We just let her explore the instrument, and the results were amazing.

Nicole.Daniel1This definitely shows the ease of use that iOS brings to a musical instrument.  Almost everyone is familiar with the touch interface, and our app follows Apple guidlines, to make kit selection and software updating a breeze.





Below is a great video of Strictly Albert and Elton Bradman talking about Jambé after playing a six hour jam session with them. And this was their first encounter with the instrument, too!  Boy, are they excited.

Jambé is for both beginning musicians and for advanced professionals.  It lets everyone create their own musical universe.

Don’t forget to check out the Jambé videos on our YouTube channel:  CLICK HERE