We’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the Jambé over the past several months.  The biggest question that people have is what exactly is the Jambé and how does it compare to other electronic drums.

Jambé is an electronic drum in a thin drum sized shell.  That means Jambé fits onto standard drum stands and fits into standard drum cases and bags.  Jambé is routed out of a single piece of American manufactured wood, called ApplePly.  This makes Jambé very durable and sturdy; exactly the qualities you expect in a drum.

The top of Jambé is covered with ten electronic sensor zones.  Then on top of the sensors we place a durable drum covering which consists of a special foam and cloth layer that has a long track record of use in electronic percussion instruments.  This gives Jambé the right fell or ‘bounce’ for a drum instrument, for both stick and hand play.  On top of this layer we silkscreen the ten zone outlines.  This combination of materials has years of proven drum performance, both on stage and in studio use, so Jambé will be playable for years.

Inside Jambé are advanced computer electronics, which interface directly with the sensors.  These electronics scan the sensors thousands of times a second, and relay that digital information to an iOS device.  Using this high resolution and high speed scanning of all the sensors, Jambé knows all actions occurring on the pads, and all within microseconds.  This allows Jambé to catch every subtle drum action, which is important for proper sound creation.

Within the app, we use highly advanced DSP and mathematical algorithms to trigger multi-layer sounds and events.  These processes, including realtime detection and decision analysis, draw from our years of software experience with digital effects and autonomous financial trading.  We’re talking heavy math processing at the quickest possible speed.

The app can output high resolution sample sounds that closely match the actions on the drum.  Or, the app can output midi playback information to other apps, which can then take appropriate action.  Jambé does not just look for someone striking a pad then output a midi note; that’s too coarse and not worthy of a proper percussion instrument.  Jambé calculates and knows all the nuances and gestures happening to it, and uses that information to modify sounds for proper playback.  Jambé knows if you’re leaning on a pad, hand striking a pad, pressing a pad, or hitting it with a stick.  The Jambé app let’s you tailor your sounds to any type of playing style.

The app also lets you assign sounds per pad, along with adjustment parameters for each zone separately.  Response curves, sequences, pitch, and more, can all be individually programmed and saved into custom kits.  This allows you to tailor Jambé for different styles, or different jam sessions, depending on your mood.

Within the app, you can download additional kits and sounds.  And you are never out of date with our latest application either.  You can update your app with a few simple taps.  This allows us to easily give all Jambé users new gestures and instruments as we develop them.

For any additional questions, please email us at PLAYME @ GETJAMBE . COM

Thanks for supporting us !!!!!