Thanks to everyone that dropped by the Jambé booth at the NAMM2017 show. We expect to start transitioning our pre-orders into full orders in March, with shipment commencing immediately after that. We are excited that Jambé has become so popular.

If you’re looking to pre-order Jambé, go to the top of the web page and click on the Online Store link.  From our store, you can pre-order and we will place you in line for our $200 discount off of a Jambé.

To follow along as we complete Jambé, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter.  We promise we won’t overload your Inbox!  We only send out updates a few times a year.

If you want to ask us a Jambé question, send us an email to PLAYME @ getjambe . com.

Thanks for you interest in Jambé !