Big news….the Jambé app is now officially at version 1.0 and released into the Apple App store! It took years of development, but the final results are truly worth the wait. Search the iOS App store for Jambé (or click HERE) and give it a try. If you have the Jambé hardware drum, then you’ll be all set to go. If you don’t have the hardware yet, you can test out the software on your iPad stand-alone. We have a limited number of Jambé drums remaining for purchase, so head over to our store to get yours ASAP.

Now for the bad news in just two simple words…… supply chain. That’s right, like everyone else, our production capabilities have taken a severe hit because of parts shortages. We are getting conflicting messages about when our next production run will be available, but it’s not looking like anything until spring 2022! So, if you have always wanted a drum, this is a good time to place an order, before the limited number of drums disappear.

Here are some of the Version 1.0 Jambé app highlights:

  • Easy kit sharing and downloading
  • Over 45 modulation sources including the iOS device’s sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity , magnetometer, altimeter)
  • Number of simultaneous voices limited only by the iOS device processor
  • USB device support for professional audio interfaces and storage devices
  • Live audio input mixing with samples
  • Ability to edit and test kits without the hardware drum attached

Head to the Jambé Tech Support website for help with getting started with the App.

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