Jambé is an advanced instrument that combines sophisticated percussion hardware with an incredibly powerful iOS-based sound engine and editing application.

Jambé was designed with the idea that a single hand or stick strike on a pad controls an incredibly powerful voice structure, with advanced expression and synthesizer controls, giving you the most amazing and expressive sounds possible.

Not only does Jambé emulate a wide range of percussion instruments, but by utilizing the sample based synthesizer controls, along with advanced modulations and effects, you can create sounds that were never before possible, especially played with percussive gestures using hands or sticks.

Like today’s musicians, Jambé lives in a connected world.  Need a new sound for a last-minute gig, or want to share your latest kit, our iOS application makes that easy with a few taps. You can import and export all your instruments via E-mail, chat, or even social media posts.

Take a look at some of the Jambé features below…

  • Expanded Gestural Interpretation – normal percussive strike detection and MPE (Multi-touch Polyphonic Expression) style performance techniques, with sounds triggered or modified while a pad is held.
  • Extensive Synthesis Tools – 2 LFOs, 3 envelopes, 2 tracking generators, and 2 ring modulators per voice.  Over 30 modulation sources and over 40 modulation destinations.
  • Natural Sonic Variations – 3 sample lists per voice with up to 8 samples per list.
  • Sample List Modes – sequentially trigger the samples in a list, allowing stroke variations or sequential patterns.  Crossfade between samples using a modulation matrix and trigger samples simultaneously for chords.
  • Gestural Crossfade Between Sample Lists – creates effects like a closed slap or dead stroke without tying up multiple pads for an open and closed slap.
  • Massive Polyphony – with the ability to use number of voices playing as a modifier for more natural sound layering.
  • Unique Features – use the number of voices sounding as a modulation parameter.  Enables sculpting the sound as more voices play. Perfect for adding special character to rolls, etc.

Jambé is now shipping.  Go to the JAMBÉ on-line store to place your order.

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