Welcome to the Jambé family

Jambé is a new type of electronic percussion instrument that combines great tactile feel with innovative software.  Playing Jambé requires an iPad with our free iOS Jambé application.

The Jambé iOS app is a fully featured, sample-based synthesizer application designed around the unique capabilities of the Jambé hardware. We are making frequent revisions to the software, so we’re utilizing Apple’s Test Flight application for easy distribution to our users, including single-tap upgrades.

Follow the software installation steps below to get started:

Step 1 –
Use your iPad and install the Test Flight application from the iOS App Store. You can search the App Store or click the direct link below. This is a free download.
Apple Test Flight link

Step 2 –
After Test Flight has been installed, click the link below to join our Beta program. This will download the latest Jambé app into Test Flight, where it can be installed onto your iPad. When the Jambé app gets updated, Test Flight will automatically notify you and let you download and install the latest version with a single tap.
Jambé iOS app link

Step 3 –
The Jambé app includes one sample kit, “PVC Whack” – sampled from various lengths of PVC pipe. You can download additional kits from our starter collection by clicking the link below:
Jambe Starter Kits

Any questions or problems, send email to playme@markb95.sg-host.com


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