Listed below are the v1.0 kits for Jambé. If you are browsing to this on your iPad, click on the link for the kit you wish to use and download it to your iPad. In the browser download icon (upper right), you can see all the files you have downloaded. Click on the kit you want to share and share it to the Jambé app. The kit will automatically add itself to the Jambé kit page and you can begin to play and edit it.

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Below is one of our first basic kits, the Conga. We’ve used this kit since day-1 since it is a very simple construction, with only one sample per instrument. Yet, it shows off the basic functionality of Jambe really well. Use it with hands for a nice response, or try it with sticks for some crazy quick playback, that is impossible to do with a normal Conga!


This is a really nice sounding handpan kit.


Our standard full drum kit for rockin’ out. Easy to play and modify into a custom kit.

Rock Kit

These kits are really fun to play. As you probably know, taiko drums are not easy to move around and setup, but with these kits in your Jambe, you’ll have the most portable taiko drums ever!!!

Taiko Drums

Taiko Large Drums

This is our fun 808 drum set kit along with an 80’s drum kit. Crank up the volume and the bass and enjoy playing with sticks on your Jambe. Very cool!!

808 Drum

80’s Drum

Try this snare only kit, with a lot of different samples on the pads, so you get slightly different sounds wherever you play on the drum surface.

Snare Drum

An African Udu, made portable with Jambe. Great sounds when played with larger sticks.


This kit was created by John Worthington, from Daniel Berkman’s Kora. It shows how a stringed instrument can be such fun to have in a portable electronic drum.


This kit was created from some wooden drums on the Cook Islands, called Pate’. The variable in the drums is not the pitch, as we have in our western drums, but in the cadence of the hits. You can get really close with Jambe, since we have such rapid playback response to pad hits.

Pate Drums

These kits are some fun ones created in our sound labs.

Tibet Bell

Rhodes 7ths